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Still here!~

(Or I guess more accurately the title should read ‘I’m back!!’) I guess my mind is made up: I’m using wordpress for good… Comparing all of the options that I have this seems to be the one that best suits my wants and needs in a blog. I am a little sad that I’m ditching the bloggie that I’ve worked so hard on, but unfortunately I really don’t have the time to keep up the effort. I’ve decided that constantly FTP-ing for the sake of updating a blog is not an option! (well my work firewall kinda prevents that.. and that’s usually when I blog! :-)) Plus I don’t think uoft would be very happy seeing ads on my page (hosted on its server!), so oh well!

This whole looking-for-a-new-host ordeal has made me realize that I’m actually a very narcissistic person! Because in reality all these hosts I’m considering.. myspace, wordpress, googlepages are great and will do most of what I want to do with a blog, but I’m being unbelievably picky about them because I’m reluctant to give up the bloggie that I hand-coded from scratch. Well, at least I’m over that hurdle now. Hopefully with this new blog I’ll be a more diligent/frequent blogger. So what is it that sets wordpress apart you may ask? Well, out of all my options, Googlepages is by far the most flexible one, but the unfortunate issue of it being tied to my gmail account is what made me decide against it. And then there’s myspace.. I think being the anti-social self that I am, my relationship with myspace really was destined for failure from the very start 😛

Okay, for those who actually read my blog (probably no one but me) this is starting to sound like a broken record… so this is the last time I’m blogging about my blogodrama.

Onto other news.., I don’t think alcohol and I get along very well. I’m very careful in that I only drink in the company of good friends, but then that also means that I don’t drink nearly enough to start developing a tolerance (as most of them don’t really).. and for some reasons everytime I have the opportunity to drink I’m already very tired. Like the other day, I was already sleepy from a combination of lack of sleep, work, and food.. then we went out for martini. I only had one, and while I wasn’t drunk, my head started hurting after I’ve had the drink and the headache lasted most of the night! Either I’m allergic to alcohol or I guess I’m just not meant to ever become a drunkard! Quel dommage!!


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Hello World!

Hello world indeed! I’m new to this thing.. So why did i get a wordpress blog you may ask.. well, I got kinda tired with my existing blog. So I thought I’d look into implementing something different.. then I came across this! This looks pretty neat.. if it works out I may even load it on my host server! I kinda like it already, it’s so much easier to actually blog!.. well, we’ll see. Anyway, have a nice day!! 🙂

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